• Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

  • We follow these steps for a inkjet cartridge refilling

    • Manual Inspection,
    • Electronic Inspection,
    • Flushing Out Old Ink,
    • Ink Filling,
    • Manual Test,
    • Print Test,
    • Packaging & Delivery

    The print quality of our refilled inkjet cartridges is almost equivalent to original and the page yield that you get from our refilled inkjet cartridges will be equivalent to original specifications.we do free delivery if any bulk qty ink toner refilling to dubai and other emirates. We use latest high quality inkjet cartridge refilling machineries & Materials.Inkjet cartridge refilling is being done using high quality ink which is almost equivalent to original. Our refilled inkjet cartridges can be recycled several times.We have lots of satisifeid customers across uae especially in dubai for ink refilling.Also we buy used printer cartridges mostly all models printers.

  • Laserjet Toner Refilling

  • Refilling process which starts from collecting empty laser cartridges,or collect manual inspection, electronic inspection, removing old toner, toner filling, & if any working parts are replaced based on required condition to enable the cartridge to perform as per requirement.. Each and every cartridge undergoes a stringent quality and yield testing before delivering to the customers. The print quality of our reconditioned Laser cartridges is almost equivalent to original and the page yield also matches the original specifications. Our reconditioning laser cartridges can be recycled several times and every time you get print quality like original.We serve ink toner refilling services in dubai,sharjah,ajman ,abudhabi emirates.Also we buy used toner laserjet cartridges at good price.

  • Laser Toner Remanufacturing

  • Remanufacturing Process

    • Cartridge is pretested to determine the current state of the cartridge
    • Cartridge is dissembled into a waste bin and a toner hopper areas
    • On the waste bin side the drum is removed and is cleaned and re-used or
      exchanged for a new drum
    • Wiper blade is removed and is cleaned or re-used for a new blade

    The hopper side is taken apart and cleaned out of old toner using compressed air

    • The mag roller is examined and reused or replaced as necessary
    • The doctor blade is removed and mostly replaced
    • Toner specifically designed for the cartridge is installed into the hopper
    • The entire cartridge is put back together
    • Cartridge is tested on a printer it was designed for, if appropriate
    • Cartridge is packaged for resale